And the incomprehensible is also suitable for generating awe. ”“ Cosmology, the theory of the universe, always has a metaphysical, even almost religious component in public, ”adds Urban.

The computer calculates what it would look like if there were a black hole between the camera and the viewer. “” Suddenly you see things that are actually behind you and the whole scene appears around it, distorted in a circle for a second time – that’s the so-called Einsteinring, “” says Ruder. “” The gravity of the black hole deflects all of the light reflected from an object – including that from the rear – and bundles it in the direction of the viewer. “” In Ruder’s office there is a folder “Star Trek” in addition to specialist books. The astrophysicist speaks regularly about “” The importance of the theory of relativity for the Star Trek universe “”. “” There are actually wormholes in Einstein’s general theory of relativity, “says Ruder. “” If you imagine space and time as a curved plane, such as the skin of an apple, the fastest way to get from A to B is to eat your way through the apple like a worm and not wander along the outside. “” With that In theory, space travelers could travel faster than the speed of light. “Beaming a living person is nonsense, however, that is not physically possible.” “(The Einstein visualizations by Hanns Ruder can still be seen this year in the German Museums in Bonn and Munich, in the Kronprinzenpalais Berlin, in the State Museum of Technology and work in Mannheim, at the Einsteinhaus Caputh, in the DLR school laboratory in Lampoldshausen, at the University of Bremen and in a “Relativistic classroom” “on tour through numerous schools.) Source:” The inconspicuous note was in the end for 1.5 Millions of US dollars away. (Photo: REUTERS) In 1922, the physicist Albert Einstein was in Tokyo for a lecture when a messenger brought him a message. In the absence of a tip, Einstein gave the man two notes that would make his descendants rich. At an auction in Jerusalem, a piece of paper in the handwriting of physics genius Albert Einstein sold for more than one and a half million US dollars.

A European bought it for the equivalent of 1.3 million euros, as the auction house Winner’s announced. The buyer wanted to remain anonymous; Einstein had slipped the paper to a servant in Japan almost 100 years ago, possibly as a kind of tip. On the stationery of the hotel it is written: “” Quiet, modest life gives more happiness than successful pursuit, combined with constant restlessness. “” The note achieved a multiple of the estimated price of 5,000 to 8,000 dollars. Never before has so much money been paid for a document in Israel, said a spokesman for the auction house.

A mixture of bids that were submitted on site, as well as online and telephone bids, drove the price up within 20 minutes, until finally two telephone bidders remained. There had been applause in the room when the sale was announced. Einstein had slipped the servant two messages during a lecture tour at the Hotel Imperial in Tokyo in 1922. The second has now also been auctioned, it reads: “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.” “The new owner of this slip of paper paid 240,000 US dollars, the equivalent of around 204,000 euros. It is not precisely known whether the messenger did not want to accept a tip or whether Einstein did not have one on hand. In any case, Einstein did not want the man to go empty-handed. According to the seller of the embassies, a relative of the servant living in Hamburg, Einstein is said to have wisely predicted that the notes could at some point be far more valuable than a simple tip.

He is really glad that there are still people who are interested in science and history in these fast-moving times. Source:, sba / AFP “News and information at a glance.birthright citizenship argumentative essay Collection of articles by on the subject of bacteria Leprosy sufferers in Brazil are still stigmatized. Since little was known about the disease in the past century, those affected were placed in special Many colonies still live in them today – isolated from society.

In the German trade, more than half of the broilers are contaminated with pathogenic bacteria, reports the federal government. Consumer advocates are now calling for stricter controls on slaughterhouses and more careful hygiene. After the death of two vacationers in an Egyptian star hotel, the tour operator Thomas Cook found a high concentration of E-coli bacteria on the complex.

He blames them for the deaths. Egyptian authorities now agree with this thesis. The British travel company Thomas Cook is ending its cooperation with one of its hotels in Egypt. The reason for this is apparently the death of a British couple in the accommodation. In addition, the hotel cannot guarantee the hygiene standards. Two British people are killed during their vacation in the Egyptian resort of Hurghada.

Hundreds of guests are then evacuated from the Steigenberger Aqua Magic hotel. Experts are now proving considerable hygiene deficiencies in the domicile. A particularly dangerous form of E. coli has killed five people in the United States. They had previously eaten contaminated romaine lettuce. The Ehec pathogen causes many cases of illness in Germany every year. “A collection of 94 articles that Albert Einstein wrote for physics journals between 1901 and 1928 was auctioned in New York.

Your proceeds of 42,000 dollars (33,300 euros) will benefit a US left-wing party. The Working Families Party supports Democratic Party politicians in their election campaigns for the US Congress. She is fighting for higher minimum wages and better health care for workers in the United States.

Its director Dan Cantor believes that his party’s goals are in line with the political attitudes of the “” pacifist Einstein “”. The documents also include the article in which Einstein presented his general theory of relativity 1. The Nobel Prize winner had left the evidence to his son, Hans Albert Einstein, who was also a scientist. They later passed on to a friend of the family, who now had the papers auctioned by Christie’s auction house in New York. This friend of the Einstein’s determined that the “” Working Families Party “would benefit from the proceeds.

According to Christie’s, the seller of the documents insists on anonymity. What is known, however, is who acquired the Einstein papers. David Waxman from Great Neck near New York deals in rare books and documents. For him, Einstein is “” the greatest scientist of the 20th century.

Century “”. Waxman prefers to collect the 94 documents in German, but if necessary also individually, to sell them to German or Swiss institutes, as he told the dpa in New York. These articles had made Einstein the most famous physicist in the world and changed mankind’s understanding of space and the concept of time. Source: “News and information at a glance. Collection of articles by on the topic of bacteria Lower Saxony’s consumer ministry warns against nationwide meatballs sold by the manufacturer Metzger Otten.

They are contaminated with bacteria and can sometimes cause serious diseases. Seven people have already died from cheese contaminated with Listeria bacteria. Gradually, the deaths can be assigned to the cause. In the Baltic Sea off Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, environmental physicians have again this year detected the Vibrios bacteria, which are dangerous for immunocompromised people. The bathing water on the Krummhörn beach on the North Sea and in Kühlungsborn on the Baltic Sea is contaminated with bacteria. That was determined by the ADAC in Munich.

It’s not easy for Italians at the moment: Prodi panic, big stink alarm in Naples and mozzarella misery ?? too much is too much. The Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Agriculture has issued a warning against the consumption of the raw milk cheese “” Tte de Moine “” from the company Fromage de Bellelay. According to the manufacturer, it contains coli bacteria that produce the poison verotoxin. Six patients died after a salmonella epidemic in a senior citizen center and in the Fulda Clinic. A clinic spokesman said a total of 160 patients and employees had been infected with the bacteria since the end of April.

The intestinal bacterium E. coli was found in the French Gruyre “Duc de Coeur”, said the food discounter Lidl. Even small doses of the bacterium can cause diarrhea. Due to algae alarms and numerous bacteria in the sea, a bathing ban is imposed on several beaches around Rome.

In Amsterdam, 24 elderly people were infected with Legionella bacteria. Contaminated water vapor from cooling towers caused the outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease. “With his general theory of relativity, he revolutionized the worldview of physics: Albert Einstein was a genius of the century. Einstein himself could not believe some of what the theory predicted, black holes, for example General theory of relativity confirmed in many ways, and in 1915, when the physicist introduced it, he was way ahead of his time.

Two aspects of Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity are now being checked for the first time by satellite. After several attempts, a launcher launched the Gravity Probe B satellite into orbit from the Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. Albert Einstein was way ahead of his time.

Numerous consequences emerged from his extensive theories, but not all of them could be checked with the experimental technology of the time. However, increasingly sophisticated attempts have now confirmed many of the predictions made by the genius of the century. Two aspects of Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity are now being checked for the first time by satellite. After several attempts, a launcher launched the Gravity Probe B satellite into orbit from the Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. Albert Einstein was way ahead of his time.

Numerous consequences emerged from his extensive theories, but not all of them could be checked with the experimental technology of the time. However, more and more sophisticated attempts have now confirmed many of these predictions by the genius of the century. “The life of the famous scientist Albert Einstein is being filmed. The dark sides of the genius should not be concealed,” reports the film specialist “Variety” “. The script is based on the Biography “” The Secret Lives of Albert Einstein “”, which the journalists Roger Highfield and Paul Carter wrote in 1994. In it, the authors paint an unvarnished portrait of the founder of the theory of relativity – especially with regard to his relationship with women.

A cast has not yet been determined. The script is written by Ron Bass (“” Tempting Trap “”, “” Mozart and the Whale “”). Source: “No researcher has ever experienced such public admiration as Albert Einstein.

Half a century after his death, Einstein (1879-1955) is by far the most popular scientist. Almost everyone knows his world-famous formula E = mc², but hardly any layperson – and by no means every expert – understands the revolutionary findings of the genius of the century, the 100th Years after Einstein’s scientific “miracle year” 1905 is now being celebrated in Germany with an “Einstein year”. Federal Chancellor Gerhard Schröder and Federal Research Minister Edelgard Bulmahn (both SPD) want to officially open the series of events, which illuminate all facets of Einstein, with a ceremony this Wednesday in Berlin. But what makes Einstein so popular? “I get applauded because everyone understands me. You are applauded because nobody understands you, ”Charlie Chaplin is said to have once said to Einstein. “It’s about big questions in Einstein’s work, everyone can feel that,” explains the President of the German Physical Society (DPG), Knut Urban from Forschungszentrum Jülich. “And the incomprehensible is also suitable for generating fear.” “Cosmology, the theory of the universe, always has a metaphysical, almost religious component in public,” adds Urban.

Einstein’s theory of relativity not only enabled verifiable predictions such as the curvature of space due to large masses, it could also describe an expanding universe long before the idea of ​​the Big Bang even took hold. “Through Albert Einstein’s work, the horizon of mankind has expanded infinitely, and at the same time our image of the universe has achieved a cohesion and harmony that we could only dream of,” remarked the Danish Nobel Prize winner in physics Niels Bohr once. Einstein’s works are still in research, as Urban emphasizes. Astronomers are puzzling over a “dark energy” that seems to be driving space apart and that can be described using the “cosmological constant” introduced by Einstein. Quantum physicists are trying to understand the “Einstein-Podolski-Rosen effect”, which in the world of quantum physics links the properties of atomic particles spontaneously over any great distance and which comes into play in the so-called beaming. The history of Einstein’s first certainly also contributes groundbreaking discoveries contribute to the myth. In his “annus mirabilis” (miracle year), the 26-year-old physicist published several revolutionary works in quick succession, which he not as a respected professor, but as a “technical expert III. Class ”at the Bern patent office almost in the evening.

One of the publications from 1905 was his doctoral thesis, which is still one of the most cited articles in physics today. The special theory of relativity with the formula E = mc² also dates from this year. Einstein also explained the back and forth of small particles in a solution, known as Brownian molecular motion, and applied Max Planck’s quantum hypothesis to light. With this he attributed particle properties to light.

The light quantum hypothesis made Einstein one of the co-founders of quantum physics, and this groundbreaking contribution, not the theory of relativity, earned him the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1921. Einstein became known to the world at once, and he always gained his knowledge through the power of thought after one of the essential ones in 1919 Predictions of the general theory of relativity, completed in Berlin in 1915, confirmed. According to the theory, large masses bend the space itself, so that the light is also deflected. Exactly this diversion was observed in the solar eclipse of May 1919 with stars close to the sun, which was covered by the moon. A dark shadow of a different kind was cast after 1920 by the increasing anti-Semitic hostility that Einstein finally drove out of the country after Hitler was appointed Chancellor in 1933.